Giveback Projects

2019 Projects:


Our objective for the classroom makeover was to boost attendance and teacher morale. We worked with the school to come up with a plan; we would give a makeover to the classroom with the best attendance for the months of October and November. The school was very excited about the makeover, and perfect attendance soared from 4% last year to 20% for the 2019 term (data pulled for October and November). 


Here’s what was completed for the makeover:

Paint Classroom and Cabinets calming colors

Install enough lighting so that fluorescents aren’t needed

Remove unnecessary furniture to free up space

Create open book shelving

Cover windows so that students aren’t distracted, but allow light

Add a lock to the teacher’s desk, so she can secure her purse

Provide lots of school supplies

Add inspirational quotes and space theme decorations

For future projects: